Supporting Immune Defences

Supporting Immune Defences

The immune system comprises of a complex network of cells, tissues and biological systems that protect the body from infection and disease.


  • Support digestive health

    The biggest daily challenge to immunity is digestive health, as the lining of the digestive tract repels pathogenic organisms. Creating a healthy digestive environment through the provision of a high fibre, low starch diet can therefore help to protect this important ‘first-line’ of defense.

  • Support natural defences

    Weanlings fed high fibre and oil rich diets have been shown to have significantly higher plasma concentrations of immunoglobulin’s, otherwise referred to as ‘antibodies’ (Swanson et al, 2003), suggesting diets formulated in this way will help to support immunity.

  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidants are molecules which prevent the oxidation of molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction which, through the production of