The science behind our products

Science is behind everything WE do and it is provided by the Equine Studies Group at the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition. WALTHAM, owned by Mars Incorporated, is a leading scientific authority that focuses on the nutrition and wellbeing of horses along with other companion animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fish.


Professor Pat Harris MA PhD, VetMB DipECVCN MRCVS heads up the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group and is actively supported by Clare Barfoot BSc (Hons) RNutr who leads Research & Development at WINERGY Equilibrium. Collectively, over the last 20 years, the group has collaborated with key research institutes and universities around the world and its work remains at the forefront of equine nutritional science. 


The WALTHAM Equine Studies Group is active in many areas of nutritional research but three key areas include:


Laminitis - The WALTHAM initiated International Laminitis Research Consortium is dedicated to improve our understanding of this very painful and debilitating condition. Research focuses on how to identify horses and ponies who are most at risk and how nutrition can support in the management of the condition.

Obesity - Contributing to a number of health issues, the WALTHAM initiated International Obesity Research Consortium seeks to improve our understanding of the causes and effects of obesity as well as how best to manage overweight and obese animals.

Age related care - A key area of research for many years, WALTHAM has collaborated with several universities; Michigan/Minnesota in the US and Liverpool/Surrey/Aberystwyth in the UK on age related projects. In addition, recently the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group has formed a new research partnership with the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, which is an internationally recognised equine research facility. Through these collaborations, WALTHAM continues to support research dedicated to advancing the science of senior horse nutrition, with the aim of helping horse owners to keep their horses happy and healthier for longer. 

At WINERGY Equilibrium we are committed to creating a better world for horses by providing products based on genuine scientific research to help meet the physiological and psychological needs of how we keep our horses today, and the knowledge generated by WALTHAM is key to bringing this vision to life. WALTHAM has pioneered many important breakthroughs in equine nutrition and these learnings have been applied by Dr. Pat Harris and Clare Barfoot in developing our range of pioneering horse feeds.