Our Ethos

Our passion

Imagine a horse feed company whose dedication and passion towards producing outstanding, proven feeds for every horse is their very reason for existence; where cutting edge technology yet entirely natural resources run in tandem with unparalleled levels of performance and quality; where horse feeds are formulated specifically to equip every user, in every yard, with the optimum levels of fuel, knowledge and reliability needed to succeed at every level.

Imagine WINERGY Equilibrium . . . welcome to our world.

Our heritage

WINERGY Equilibrium has a global mission which is to build an enduring brand that provides a lifetime of care for horses.  We take this statement very seriously and have great pride in the products we produce and the benefits they offer you and your horse.

Our commitment

At WINERGY Equilibrium, we produce horse feeds based solely on genuine scientific research which we then prove in trials with horses here in the UK.  This enables us to put the horse at the heart of our research process and produce revolutionary products that meet the physiological and psychological needs of how we keep our horses today.