Our Philosophy

WE is WINERGY Equilibrium

WINERGY Equilibrium is a revolutionary feed, the result of 20 years of ground breaking, original research into the nutritional and digestive health of thousands of horses. Our feeds are natural, highly palatable and formulated to suit horses and ponies at all levels and in all disciplines.

With high quality, wholesome ingredients, ready mixed for convenience, WINERGY Equilibrium is the perfect way to meet the physiological and psychological needs of today's horse.

WE and You. Keep your horse in great shape.


WE is balanced

WINERGY Equilibrium reduces the reliance on cereal starch and sugar and instead provides energy from a unique blend of fibre and oil.

Fine tuning this blend means we can control the performance of our feeds - so whether you have a leisure horse, an event horse, a pregnant mare, a youngster or a senior citizen our feeds will maximise the digestive health of your horse, promote positive behaviour, extend his eating time, avoid unnatural peaks and troughs in blood sugar, support muscle function and some are suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.


WE is controlled

Research shows that a horse's behaviour differs depending on whether he is on a cereal or fibre-based diet. Horses fed a mix based on fibre and oil are calmer, more inquisitive and cope much better than those on starch-based mixes and cubes.

All feeds in the WINERGY Equilibrium range are fibre based and non-heating with restricted starch levels. As a rich source of calories, the addition of oil also allows us to make high energy feeds without anywhere near as much of the cereal that can make a horse 'fizzy'.


WE is healthy

Healthy eating is about finding the right balance between feeding for digestive health and feeding for energy or condition. Stabled horses are often fed meals high in cereal starch and sugar without enough access to grass or hay. Combining high starch meals with reduced opportunity to chew and increased levels of exercise, can lead to behavioural problems like crib biting as your horse tries to produce additional saliva.

WINERGY Equilibrium provides a healthier option by maximising fibre intake, extending the time taken to eat and reducing the reliance on starch and sugar as an energy source.


WE is safe

Traditional compound feeds can be high in cereals and consequently, high in starch and sugar. Whilst these ingredients can produce immediate results, they can also contribute to everything from excitable behaviour and loose droppings to affecting muscle function and laminitis.

WINERGY Equilibrium helps to condition your horse safely by providing energy mainly from fibre and oil with carefully controlled levels of starch. In our own study supplying 10% extra energy as oil was shown to be twice as efficient at improving weight gain as cereals, without any associated behavioural problems.


WE is slow

The stomach of a horse produces acid continually. Normally this is neutralised by the saliva created as they graze. But when horses go for long periods without the chance to chew, their digestive health can easily be affected. Unlike traditional feeds, WINERGY Equilibrium optimises the health of your horse's gut by maximising the intake of fermentable fibres and reducing the intake of sugar and starch.

The long fibres in our feeds also naturally encourage your horse to chew for longer, producing that all important, acid neutralising saliva. About time too.